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October 15-December 7  (If you’re not happy with your coverage, now is the time to compare; make sure your Part D coverage is going to cover your prescriptions in 2020 that they did in 2019)

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If you are going to purchase a Medicare Supplement, you’re at the right place.  I’m a straight-shooter!  My advice: “Get your Medicare Supplement plan from someone you can trust and not from someone who just called you on the phone out of the blue.”

Mrs. F. Johnson, Age 68 (North Carolina resident, non-smoker, married)
Med Supp Monthly Premium (Plan G):--$89.74
Ms. D. Avery, Age 77 (North Carolina resident, non-smoker, widow)
Med Supp Monthly Premium (Plan G):--$129.03
Mr. J. Gravely, Age 71 (North Carolina resident, non-smoker, married)
Med Supp Monthly Premium (Plan G):--$112.87
Mrs. J. Minter, Age 72 (South Carolina resident, non-smoker, married)
Med Supp Monthly Premium (Plan G):-$100.91

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